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Fa massaggio prostatico è necessario in buona salute

Fruits of such plants as Serenoa Repens and SabalSerrulata, have become the guardian of male health. On the basis of the biologically active components isolated from them, the preparation "Prostamol" was designed to treat prostatic hyperplasia. Pharmacological effect of the Prostamol photo Uno instruction for its use describes so. This drug has a combined action - anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous and anti-androgenic. Active substances contained in this drug, can reduce the permeability of the walls of blood vessels and reduce the severity of tissue edema.

This effect is especially important during exacerbation of the pathology, when there is a rush of blood to the organs located in the small pelvis. Prostamol photo Uno to its anti-androgenic properties, this drug, although it does not reduce the size of the hypertrophied prostate, but prevents its further increase. Indication for the appointment of the drug "Prostamol"the instruction for his appointment calls benign prostatic hyperplasia of the first and second degree, which is accompanied by a violation of urination.

Method of Prostamol photo Uno of this drug:inside with food. With the development of benign hyperplasia with mild symptoms or moderate intensity Prostamol photo Uno, one hundred sixty milligrams is prescribed twice a day morning-evening or three hundred and twenty milligrams once a day evening.

With the drug "Prostamol" treatment should last at least thirty days. These courses need to be repeated Prostamol photo Uno time to time. The only contraindication for the use of this medication is hypersensitivity to some of its components with Prostamol photo Uno subsequent development of allergic reactions. Interactions with other drugs of the drug "Prostamol" instruction for its use does not describe, because it was not found.

Form of release of the preparation "Prostamol":capsules of three hundred and twenty milligrams of the active ingredient an extract made from the fruits of Serenoa Repens or Sabal Serrulata for oral use. To store this medication the instruction for its use recommends in a dark dry place with a temperature from fifteen to twenty five degrees Celsius.

For taking this medicine, there are specialinstructions, so before using it, you should always consult a doctor. The given instruction is intended for acquaintance, instead of for self-treatment. In order to obtain more complete information, it is recommended to refer to the annotation Prostamol photo Uno the manufacturer. It is designed to treat functional disorders caused by benign prostatic hyperplasia. Preparation "Prostamol": instruction Fruits of such plants as Serenoa Repens and SabalSerrulata, have become the guardian of male health.

With more intense symptoms, three hundred twenty milligrams twice a day. Side effects of the drug "Prostamol" instruction for its use leads to the following: pain in the epigastric region after taking the medication; - a variety of allergic manifestations pruritus, hives, erythema.

Overdose of this medication has not been fixed to date. The useful life of this medicine in intact packaging is not more than two years. In the pharmacy network, the drug "Prostamol" is Prostamol photo Uno on the prescription. There are analogues in the preparation "Prostamol". These are the following medicines: 1 The drug "Serpens", created on the basis of Serenoa repens. Read also The drug "Dimexide" solution. Instructions for use.

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