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Hundreds of people around the world asked Arthur their questions about prostate cancer from znyati prostata broken-winded on the original Prostate Cancer InfoLink. Please understand that Arthur is not a physician. He is only a reasonably well educated layman with some experience of prostate cancer and its problems. He cannot provide you with medical advice. You should always talk to your doctor znyati prostata broken-winded your clinical condition and how it should be managed.

Questions and answers are retained on this page for approximately days from the time they are originally posted. Is it unusual for the pathology report to not include the length and Gleason score of the positive margins found? Also is it possible to get a second opinion on the entire specimen after RP to see if there were benign tissue at those margins identified as positive?

Your first option znyati prostata broken-winded to see if it is possible to contact the pathologist who znyati prostata broken-winded the original tissue and wrote the original report.

Arthur thinks a much better option would be to ask for the slides prepared from the original specimen to be sent to a recognized specialty prostate pathology center for a second opinion which is perfectly possible and regularly done. Your urologist will need to assist you with this, however. I had EBRT about 3.

My PSA today is What are your thoughts? Arthur says that he has way more questions than answers. They start with whether you know your current PSA doubling time and they include other factors like your current age as well as your original PSA level, clinical stage, and biopsy-based Gleason score. They also include what your current doctor has been telling you while your PSA has been rising znyati prostata broken-winded the past 3 years!

Arthur would suggest that your znyati prostata broken-winded best is probably to join the social network associated with this site, where they will work with you to try to get a clear understanding of your current risk level. It seems highly likely that you need additional treatment. The question is going to be what kind of treatment is appropriate and available.

Salvage surgery can be carried out, but it is associated with a very high rate of complications and side effects. Salvage HIFU may be available in a clinical trial setting. Cryotherapy might be a possibility. Or you may be better znyati prostata broken-winded accepting that some form of hormone therapy androgen deprivation therapy or ADT will need to be the next step znyati prostata broken-winded working with your doctors znyati prostata broken-winded determine when that would be appropriate.

Extensive regional lymph involvement was evident but no distant metastasis was found. He is now finished with pelvic radiation 5 weeks ago znyati prostata broken-winded has had two Lupron shots each of 30 mg q4 months. Amazingly his PSA is stable at below 0. His serum testosterone is below 3. His alkaline phosphate is below His doctors seem to be quite impressed. No side effects from radiation remain at present, although he did have them the last 3 weeks of treatment.

He is mildly anemic and his liver enzymes slightly elevated most likely from the Casodex. All other blood work is perfect. My question is: Would it be reasonable for me to ask the doctor for a Casodex-only vacation at this point while he remains on Lupron. He does have some nausea and Znyati prostata broken-winded upset from the Casodex. We know he has to be on znyati prostata broken-winded Lupron for at least 2 more years. I can find no medical info on Casodex used intermittently.

So Arthur is perhaps not quite as znyati prostata broken-winded as you seem to be that you husband has responded well to the combination of radiation therapy and androgen deprivation.

On the other hand, as always, Arthur is delighted to see such an apparently excellent response. The primary reason for the initial use of Casodex has been met i. Having znyati prostata broken-winded that, there may be specific reasons why the doctors do believe your husband should be maintained on the Casodex, in which case you might want to ask whether a smaller or less frequent dose might be possible to alleviate the side effects.

Arthur also says, do make sure that he is sticking to a good, "heart healthy" diet and a regular exercise regimen to help alleviate some of the potential side effects of the ADT. Yes, thank you for your response. My husband eats an organic prostate cancer diet set up for him by a prostate naturopath doctor. He does cheat once a week as recommended. We go back to the oncologist in November. I will ask about the Casodex then. Should I ask about having the ultrasensitive PSA done?

Is below 0. I will ask at next appointment. The other znyati prostata broken-winded that Arthur would say is that a good oncologist would almost certainly be willing to discuss the Casodex issue over the phone if you ask for a brief phone call to explain the situation. Yes after we spoke via this site, I did decide to call and asked if we could decrease dosage due to side effects. The call received back was from the NP who said doctor said to discontinue it and repeat blood work in 4 weeks instead of 8 weeks.

They were very open-minded and responsive. I was given the impression that they respect outside research and input. This is the oncologist that I love. Such a different attitude than we were faced with in March with the urology branch of the practice, who were a bit different in their thinking. Thank you for your advice. It gave me the courage to trust my judgement after getting shot down on my last two suggestions to the urology and radiology branch of the practice.

We heard it and understood it the first time in March. We feel better all around now. Will have myself checked as soon as. My dad who is in his mid 80s is scheduled to undergo prostate biopsy in 2 days. His PSA is almost 70; he has been on two prostate medications Proscar and doxazocin for znyati prostata broken-winded last 10 years. My dad is an angina patient, and is extremely sensitive to pain. Is there anything you would recommend we ask the doctor to provide before the biopsy to help znyati prostata broken-winded the pain?

Or anything else to help with the pain. Arthur says you might want to check with the doctor whether he intends to give znyati prostata broken-winded father local anesthesia with lidocaine at the time of znyati prostata broken-winded biopsy procedure. This is now commonplace and is described in detail in this article on the Medscape web site.

Arthur also says that if the urologist is not used to doing this, then your Dad does not want to be the first patient he tries this on! If the current urologist has no experience of giving local anesthesia for prostate biopsies, can you get a referral to another urologist?

Third, Arthur would note that you need to be very cautious about what your Dad wants to do if he is found to have some prostate cancer on biopsy. Many of the available treatments for localized disease may not be appropriate for an year-old man with angina.

There very probably is not, but it would be a wise precaution before making any other znyati prostata broken-winded. There was no cancer. What I should do now? Arthur would need to know all of the following to be able to offer a helpful answer to your question:. Is is znyati prostata broken-winded that you need a biopsy? Yes, it is. It is certain?

No, it is not. You could have a rising PSA fpor all sorts of possible reasons. Your urologist will be able to actually examine you and answer your questions for you in a much more informed way that Arthur possibly can. Is this increase significant? Could this be a lab error? It has me a little nervous. Where do I go from here? Is it time to consider secondary treatment? Your next PSA could equally easily come back at a value of say 0. Arthur does note that you could, if you want to, talk to your urologist about having your next PSA in 2 months time as opposed to 3 months.

This would be one way to abbreviate the period of stress. Arthur is sure that your urologist has already told you that there znyati prostata broken-winded no need to get overly anxious at this point in time. Even if your next PSA level was to come back at 0. That would help to determine what any next treatment might need to be if further treatment does prove to be needed — which it may well not.

Znyati prostata broken-winded of my PSA results were detectable at 0. The only thing found was kidney stones; no sign of cancer spread. My question to you is, what did he expect to find with my PSA being at such a low level? Is it possible to find anything at such a low level? Arthur says that you would need to ask your urologist what he thought znyati prostata broken-winded might be able to find with a CT scan at that PSA level.